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Nina and Jean are the two oldest daughters of Bernard Sr. and Lorraine. They have had a wonderful and unique closeness with their parents, always looking to them for advice and always ready to help them.

After moving out of Minnesota, Nina returned several times a year to visit with her parents and help them in any way they needed from painting their home, helping with a computer, assisting with their finances or just having fun thrift shopping and learning past childhood recipes.

Jean lived less than a mile from her parents and was at their home just about every day. Discussions with her parents often revolved around world affairs, financial investments, work, and the latest in thrift store finds. Her father and mother also called her when they needed additional help with something.

Both Nina and Jean felt privileged to assist their parents. It was always a pleasure visiting with them and taking them out to dinner. Nina and Jean are proud of being raised by their parents.

Their parents gave them not only guidance in many areas but the ability to think for themselves, follow their heart and use their brain. They were taught they could accomplish anything - just find the path. They cherish the values instilled upon them of honesty, humility and compassion.

You can contact Nina and Jean through email.


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