Agony & Injustice


We feel the most horrific part of everything concerning this story is the fact that it is Lorraine, our beautiful mother, who was being hurt. The agony and depression set in within days, as she would not take care of herself, would not eat. She was giving up. She was left all alone. She was abandoned. The daughters tried to communicate and guide the Guardian and explain about their mother, her likes and dislikes, to no avail.

The downward spiral continued until Lorraine entered Hospice on February 5, 2014.

Another Court date set for February 11, 2014 was fast approaching and this time Nina, Jean, and Jane were prepared. Not only do they come with a prepared statement for the Court, but also with a 3 x 4 foot photo poster of their mother’s condition. It is a shocking revelation to those who would open their eyes.

A new Guardian is appointed. This Guardian was still an outsider but perhaps more understanding.

Fortunately and thankfully the Referee of the Court opens visitation. It was truly a life-saving decision for Lorraine.

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