Brief History


Bernard J. Schuweiler (Sr) and Lorraine Palmitessa met in 1949 at an Archery Competition. He was competing; she was taking registrations. Lorraine always said the Archery Club was trying to be nice to her because she wasn't very good at archery. They didn’t want her to compete so they asked her if she would take registrations.

Bernard walked up to register for the event. He gave his name to Lorraine to which she responded, "How do you spell that?” As she looked up he said, "You better learn how to spell my name!" She responded with "Well, you need to learn how to spell my name!”

It was love at first sight and On August 26, 1950, Bernard and Lorraine were married.


Living in the upstairs duplex of Lorraine's parents for the first five years, they saved their money and purchased a new home located within walking distance to schools, church, and the bus stop. There they raised seven children. Bernard Sr. and Lorraine lived on their own in that first home from December 1956 until November 17, 2009. Bernard Sr. was 87 and Lorraine was 86.

Bernard Sr. and Lorraine were born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota. They were married in and raised their seven children in St. Paul, Minnesota. They essentially lived all their lives in St. Paul until November 17, 2009.

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