Full Circle

While our father was alive, whenever we, Nina, Jean, and Jane, were asked to help our parents, we followed their wishes, and our father’s advice in the care of our mother, his beloved wife.

We continued caring for our mother, until two weeks after our father’s death when unbeknownst to us, the Petition for Emergency Guardianship and Conservatorship was filed.

Following that first court date on November 26, 2013, in an instant the guardian ordered all visits and phone calls forbidden. Suddenly Mom was left alone without knowing why. And we were unable to contact her.

Through our perseverance, multiple trips to the courthouse library and thousands of dollars of our own money, the Referee of the Court finally gave us and the other adult children unlimited visitation.

Our mother went from being cared for by our father, to being cared for by her daughters. Then within two weeks of our father's passing, a Court appointed Guardian, who was a total stranger took over the care of and decisions concerning our mother. This lasted for five long months until at last we were able to have family members as Court appointed Guardians. 

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