Mom a Prisoner


The Emergency Guardianship and Conservator hearing was held on Tuesday November 26, 2013 at 9:00 AM. Despite the fact that two of Lorraine’s Attorneys-In-Fact and Health Care Agents (daughters Nina and Jean) were present and the other (Jane) available by phone, an outside Guardian was appointed who would now take over every thing concerning Lorraine’s care and health. Nina, who was also Bernard Sr.’s Executor, was appointed Emergency Conservator.

The Court appointed Guardian would trump the Attorneys-In-Fact and Health Care Agents whom Lorraine choose and wanted. Now a stranger would take over as a Guardian for all decisions for Lorraine.

This Guardian immediately eliminated all visits to and communication with an 89 year-old-women whose very life revolved around her children.

Disbelief, shocking and disturbing! How could this have happened? Now Lorraine was to have no contact in person or by phone with any of her children. She now had less rights than a prisoner.

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